Welcome to South Arica!

Cape Town harbor
from the ship

Some singers on
the harbor

Cape Town set against
Table Mountain

Shell at the harbor

Brian at the Clock Tower

Some seals relaxing

Downtown Cape Town and Table Mountain

A woman and her baby
at the Spandau Township

Shell putting a barrette
in one of the girl's hair

Shell with a woman from
the township

Some of the young boys

More of the kids

The Chris Hani township

Playing "Duck-Duck-Goose"

Some kids at Chris Hani township

A view down one
of the roads

The kids performing for our group

A group picture of the dancers

The band at the craft market

Brian with some of the kids
from the ______ Garvey community

Shell and her new friends

Shell with one of the
girls at the performance

Brian climbing the passageway of Table Mtn

Shell at the passage

The view from Table Mountain

Cape Town from the Table Mountain

Brian and the Cape Town view

Us at the top

The view from the bottom
of Table Mountain