Welcome to Kenya!

Some kids playing soccer

A view down the channel in Mombassa

People swimming in the channel

Brian with Bill, Sunny and
Sarah at dinner

Sunset from the restaurant

Some monkeys at our rest
stop on the way to Masai Mara

The Great Rift Valley

The Acacia trees of Africa

An overvew of our safari camp

Brian and Chris in front
of the mess-tent

Brian and Shell at the camp

A Cape Buffalo

A few more buffalo

An African Elephant

An elephant checking us out

An elephant family

A Cheetah waiting to eat his lunch

Now it's time to dig in!

A Gazelle eating away

A mother giraffe and her offspring

The young giraffe

A close-up

Shelley again capturing
the artistic picture

Some lions relaxing
on the plains

The hard life of a Hippo

An Ostrich family

A heard of Wildebeasts

Definately an interesting
looking animal

Zebras roaming

Zebra's were everywhere

Shell, Brian, and two of our Masai
friends, Stanley and Robert

The two of us and
our friend Muchiri

The Kenya/Tanzania border marer

Us and Stanley in
our Safari truck

Brian playing in our soccer match

Shell with some of the kids
at the soccer match

The welcome dance
at a Maasai Village

One of the Maasai warriors

The women's turn to dance

Jumping is part of their dances

An elderly man at the village

Some students try and
light a fire Maasai style

Shell inside the Maasai house

Brian and Shell inside
the Maasai house

Brian and Shell with Oletome

Part of our group at
the Tanzania/Kenya border

One of the trucks we
rode in and the group

Some of the scenery at the mara

An acacia tree at sunset