Welcome to Kenya!

Perhaps the most anticipated and unkown part to our voyage was the continet of Africa. With the majority of the images we see from Africa being of poverty, starvation and war, we were not sure what we would see or experience. Most everyone on the ship was filled with anticipation as we approached the great continet. Our first stop in Africa would be Kenya, which is located on the region known as East Africa on the eastern coastline south of Somalia. Kenya is perhaps best known for its wildlife and scenery as some of the best game reserves are located in Kenya as well as the Great Rift Valley.

The night before we docked into Kenya, the African-American students on the ship performed a series of dances, poems and plays that showed the influence that African culture has had throughout the world, and remined us that the reason for the migration of Africans all over the world is one of the great travesties of modern history. It was wonderful to see them so proud of their heritage and even a little nervous about going to the place that holds the roots to their lives and culture.

Our time in Kenya would be mostly spent on Safari in the Masai Mara seeking out Lions, Elephants, Zebras and other exotic animals. We did have a day to walk around an experience the port city of Mombassa, which proved to provide a great contrast to the open plains of the safari.

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