Pictures from India!

Shell playing with some of the kids at the orphanage

Two adorable girls at the orphanage

A group of the girls

More of the kids outside

Shell getting some exercise
with the kids

Brian feeding one
of the newborn babies

One of the Sisters
with the kids

Brian in our train to Agra

Brian with some of the students
in our train car

Some kids performing
on the train

The youngest of the show kids

The Taj Mahal

The Taj from the side

Shelley's artistic picture

Shelley and Brian in
front of Taj Mahal doors

The Mosque to the left
of the Taj Mahal

The carvings of the Taj

Shelley next to the Taj Mahal

Some children on their way to shool
in a village by the Taj Mahal

The local monkeys relaxing

Some young boys in
their school uniform

A view down the street

A couple of guys we talked
to in front of the Taj

The back of the Taj
from along the river

The view from the Agra Fort

Shell and Brian
at the Agra Fort

Looking down the
side of the fort

Our hotel in Agra

The deserted city of Fatehpur Sikri

A group of girls visting
the deserted city

And the boys

Workers making mable
and stone crafts

The "electric rickshaw" (i.e. taxi)