Welcome to Cuba!

Probably the most unknown and misunderstood stop on our voyage was our last; Cuba. Our small neighbor to the south, Cuba has caused some of the most embarrassing and frightening moments over the last sixty years. Between the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban missle crisis, Cuba has been at the center of American politics since an ex-baseball player named Fidel Castro took control of the country in 1958 and brought with him the ideals of communism.

While these political confrontations have cast a negative light on Cuba, the other side of Cuba has been well documented. Brought to life by the writings of Ernest Hemingway and continued by others, Cuba has also had a reputation for being a place of natural beauty and people that have a love for life. In addition, the Havana harbor is one of the most mysterious and exotic ports that come to mind.

Unfortunately, we only had three days to take in all of what Cuba had to offer. While we realized it would be impossible to see everything, we were determined to give it our best shot!

Read about our experiences in Havana and see the pictures as well.