Here are some pictures from Shanghai and Beijing!

The center of new Shanghai

The view from the Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai at sunset

The lights of Shanghai

The staff in Shanghai

Shelley with the good chairman Mao!

Peking University in Beijing

Some REAL Chinese food!

Some of our students on the Beijing trip!

Our hotel room in Beijing

The Great Wall of China!

Shelley climbing the Wall

At the top! (at least this section)

Shell and Brian at the Wall

Another view

And another (tt was pretty amazing!)

Alright, this is the last one!

The Forbidden City
(Imperial Palace) entrance

The Palace Courtyard

Some "furniture" at the palace

Another palace picture

Overlooking the
palace and Beijing

Our Chinese guides (and friends!)

The good chairman's tomb

Statue at Mao's tomb

More statues at the tomb

A Memorial to the soldiers of
the Chinese Communist Revolution

A Chinese Acrobatic show

These people were amazing!

The Emporers "Summer Getaway"

Shell at the Summer Palace