Welcome to The Peoples Republic of China and Hong Kong!

The second country on our voyage was The Peoples Republic of China. After only a two-day sail after leaving Japan, we slowly motored up the river to the city of Shanghai. After a single day in Shanghai, we flew to the capital city of Beijing to explore some of the great sights of China! After Beijing, we hopped on a plane again to head to Hong Kong to meet up with our ship and shipmates!

China is a country with a tremedous amount of history and culture. Being the most previlant communist country also gave us insight into a way of life that is quite foreign and often decried by americans and westerners. Our travels in mainland China took us to many different places, giving us many different experiences. So without anymore babbling, here are the Stories from China and, of course, the pictures.

Hong Kong

While Hong Kong is technically a part of China, it could not be more different. As the government puts it, "One Country, Two Systems". Citizens of Hong Kong enjoy all of the freedoms that you and I do as well as an open market economy. We placed Hong Kong in the China section since it is part of the country, however, we separated the stories and pictures as the experiences were dramatically different.

Check out our experiences from Hong Kong and the pictures of one of the most amazing cities!