Welcome to Brazil!

Brian in Salvador

Shell overlooking the lower
part of Salvador

A view from the upper part of the city

Our first lunch in Salvador

A Capoeira demonstration at the welcome reception

More Capoeira

The staff at our welcome
reception in Salvador

Us and some students at
the reception

A drum and dance group

Brian and Shell at the reception

Brian, Cara and Lori

Brian and our Amazon
welcome crew

Brian and Shell on the boat

The "Meeting of the Waters"

The Amazon and the
Rio Negro meet

A view of the upper level of our riverboat

The full view of our riverboat

Brian by the hammocks we would sleep in at night

Shelley's boat group

Shell pointing out the rubber tree

Shelley holding a sloth!

A view down a small channel in the Amazon

Shell holding a man eating alligator!

A closeup of the
killer gator

Shell and Laura on their jungle trek

The girls waiting to be rescued
from being lost in the jungle

Sunset in the Amazon

Some falls in the jungle

Shell and some students
in one of the canoes

One of the canoes we used

Some large water lilies

An old canoe

An actual piranha - look at those teeth!!

A piranha closeup

Shell in the jungle

Brian fishing for piranhas

A group on the beach

Students playing soccer
on the beach

Brian and Shell
overlooking the jungle

A small Brazilian village

One of the students
playing with the kids

Some of the kids in the village freezing
after the torrential downpour

Shell winning her Brazil jersey - one of the
MVP's of the soccer match

Brian, some students and
the village team

A colorful parrot at our lunch stop

Shell offering the
parrot a rest

A Brazilian cultural dance

Brian with some of our Amazon guides

A group of us at the bar